Lettuce Shell Tacos

So simple a post isn’t even needed. In fact you don’t even need to read these words because you have everything you need from the title. These days I actually go for simple over any casseroles or chocolate fudge crumb bars by All Day I Dream About Food (with an added self twist of blackberries stuffed … More Lettuce Shell Tacos

Tigernut Cereal (Sweetner Free, Low Carb and Paleo)

Are you ready for adult cinnamon toast crunch? People generally think cutting entire foods out of staple meals is so scary that all staples no longer fit into your red stapler body and it’s going to burn down. (Office Space reference, if you have not watched it then you have the Internet and thus no excuse … More Tigernut Cereal (Sweetner Free, Low Carb and Paleo)

Fall Spices Ox Tail

Ox tail is the beast mode version of ribs. They give your mouth that delicious and intoxicating fatty moment you can’t deny you love so much. Your caveman stomach is all kinds of Ramona level happy, it’s deep but always beautiful and there just for you. Unless you aren’t Scott Pilgrim…but she may have switched lovers … More Fall Spices Ox Tail