Kombucha Brewing Guide

I’m gifting a scoby to a coffee shop goddess I met over in Alpine. She makes a seductive London Fog and an espresso so worthy of mouth flavoring that Hermes would bring it to all the gods. She also sold me this little espresso clay…thing…setup? So far I’ve only used it for whiskey shots. She brought … More Kombucha Brewing Guide

Top Five Real Life Reasons I Eat Low Carb and Paleo

I’ve finally gotten past the cult mind of keto.  Oh how that mind led into crazy thoughts of fear rebounds. I categorized everything that wasn’t low carb as unable to enter me and not meant for human consumption. I even thought that the only natural diet is keto since humans used to eat mostly organ … More Top Five Real Life Reasons I Eat Low Carb and Paleo

Lettuce Shell Tacos

So simple a post isn’t even needed. In fact you don’t even need to read these words because you have everything you need from the title. These days I actually go for simple over any casseroles or chocolate fudge crumb bars by All Day I Dream About Food (with an added self twist of blackberries stuffed … More Lettuce Shell Tacos