Grilled Lamb Kidney

Did you know that organ meat has every nutrient the human body needs? It also has the nutrients we are most deficient in. Nothing feels better than getting organs inside you and feeling your body explode in pleasure by its needs being fulfilled. I haven’t had access to organ meat for a while due to… More Grilled Lamb Kidney

Ghee Chocolate

  Do you want life to become too easy when it comes to chocolate?   Mine is.   Let me convert you to my ways.   My blisffully deep, chocolate coated and soaked ways.   Your brain and mouth shall be ours and so much chocolate will take you into it that you’ll be licking… More Ghee Chocolate

Top 10 Chocolate Seduced Keto Recipes

Ahhhhh the chocolate bells are ringing and they’re melting out sweet melodies of liquid cocoa dripping over bacon’s roses. The savory petals are twisted and drizzled as the grease swirls into place. Birds capture them from chocolate fantasy winds  as they drop from lovers’ hands. They fly the bouquets to romance all over the land as it summons them through the songs in the airwaves. Cupid’s flapping… More Top 10 Chocolate Seduced Keto Recipes

Low Carb Slow Cooker Spaghetti Squash with Chocolate Stout Meatballs

Now there are some things that you give up when you go low carb. You say pish posh to bread and its lack of nutrients. You even scold it for taking away from the flavor in burgers. Meat is the true mouth king there. You do cry at giving up fruit, but your taste buds… More Low Carb Slow Cooker Spaghetti Squash with Chocolate Stout Meatballs

Kombucha Brewing Guide

I’m gifting a scoby to a coffee shop goddess I met over in Alpine. She makes a seductive London Fog and an espresso so worthy of mouth flavoring that Hermes would bring it to all the gods. She also sold me this little espresso clay…thing…setup? So far I’ve only used it for whiskey shots. She brought… More Kombucha Brewing Guide